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Operations Manual

Version 1.0

Last Updated: March 25, 2011

Welcome to Freedom-Air VA.  We hope you enjoy your experience here to the fullest extent.  We have officers ready for all of your needs and tutorials and guides to help you fly with us.  Please read the below operations manual and follow it at all times.


Ronny Wuerfel
CEO - Freedom-Air VA




Pilot Requirements


To maintain or be considered for active membership with Freedom-Air VA, all pilots must meet the following requirements at all times:


    * Minimum age of 16 (sixteen).  This is in compliance with all standards of the NewZealand Child Online Protection Act (COPA).  No exceptions are granted on any basis as this is a Federal Law.


    * Fly a minimum of 2 (two) flights per calendar month. Unless a legitimate reason is provided. That person will then be placed under a LOA (Leave of Absence) under staff approval.


    * Maintain an active and valid e-mail address at all times.  An e-mail address found to be inactive or invalid will result in immediate suspension of the pilot account until rectified.


    * Maintain a valid forum registration in the Freedom-Air VA forums.


    * Pilots should file their first Flight Report within 14 days of the date the acceptance email is sent.  This is 14 days from the date the e-mail is sent, not 14 days from the date of which you read the e-mail.


    * All pilots must read and understand the operations manual.  If after reading there are further questions, it is the responsibility of the pilot to ask.



Hour Transfers


Freedom-Air VA is pleased to allow pilots the opportunity to transfer hours at the time of application.  When filling out the application form, please be sure to include all required information (this includes a link of which the staff may verify your hours).



Forum Requirements


While in the forums, a professional manner must be maintained at all times.  Slander, libel, derogatory, discriminative, vulgar, or otherwise indecent content or language will not be tolerated.  Political views and feelings are also to be kept out of the Freedom-Air VA forums.  Freedom-Air VA operates on a 100% Zero Tolerance Policy. Failure to adhere to this will result in suspension of account.





Freedom-Air VA is pleased to offer its pilots a TeamSpeak server.  All pilots are encouraged to stop by.  If you are unsure of how to use TeamSpeak3, what it is, or where you can obtain it, please see the complete tutorial in the Resource Center.


Below is the information you will need to get connected:


    * IP Address: 

In the Nickname box, please input your information as follows:


    * Same as it appears on the forums.


While on the Freedom-Air VA TeamSpeak server, a professional manner must be maintained at all times.  Slander, libel, derogatory, discriminative, vulgar, or otherwise indecent content or language will not be tolerated.  Political views and feelings are also to be kept off of the Freedom-Air VA TeamSpeak server.  Freedom-Air VA operates on a 100% Zero Tolerance Policy.  Failure to adhere to this will result in suspension of account.


If you have any further questions about TeamSpeak, please speak with any staff member who will be more than happy to assist you!



Rules and Regulations


No pilot of Freedom-Air VA shall pause their flight simulators for more than an hour and a half. Those who have prior arrangements and who know about these appointments must cancel the flight. If any pilot exceeds the maximum allowed time of paused simulation, they will receive a warning the first time. However, if any pilot exceeds the maximum allowed time of paused simulation, their specific Hub Manager will conference with the individual and notify him/her of the NOTAM:"Pausing Simulators - December 4, 2010". Those who fail to comply with the regulation will be summoned to a meeting with the Executive Board concerning their failure to abide by the terms and conditions set-forth by Freedom-Air VA on their third termination of the regulation." - Passed by the Board of Directors on Feb 16, 2011.

- There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any member of Freedom-Air VA for harassing, provoking, HACKING, or aggravating any other person for any reason.  Upon just the first offense, you will be removed from Freedom-Air VA and banned from its roster and activities.

- The CEO does NOT have sole power over the airline.  The CEO oversees the operations of the board of directors to ensure a smoothly operating airline and presides over business meetings.  The CEO also delegates authority and responsibility to other members of the Board of Directors.

- The Chief of Operations will oversee the Hub Managers and Flight Coordinator.  The COO will also notify HR of any staffing needs.  The COO will preside over business meetings in the absence of the CEO.

- The Chief Financial Officer will oversee the finances of the airline and provide a report to the Board of Directors at each business meeting.  The Chief Financial Officer will collect and compile financial data from the Fleet Manager, Loss Prevention Director, and the Hub Managers.

- The Training Coordinator will work with the Training Officers to provide assistance in various fields of operations in aviation correlating to the expertise of each Training Officer.

- The Activities Coordinators will plan events that will bring the airline together to participate in activities that will enable everyone to get to know eachother better, have fun, and attract new members to the airline.

- Training Officers will offer training of choice based on their expertise twice a month on various flight techniques to enhance pilots’ aviation skills.

- The Flight Coordinator will oversee the programming and operations of flight data and oversee and direct the Assistant Flight Coordinator's interactions with the Dispatcher.

- The Dispatcher will receive orders from the CFO regarding which specific hub or flights need to produce more revenue as projected by the CFO.  The Dispatcher will then select the appropriate flights and notify the Flight Coordinator of such flights.

- The Fleet Coordinator will keep track of the fleet inventory and report to the CFO the operating costs of the fleet and provide logistical data to the Flight Coordinator regarding the needs of aircraft rentals and/or purchases.

- The Loss Prevention Director will keep track of preventable losses and report them to the CFO.  Hub Managers will notify the Loss Prevention Director of pilots who need improvement due to revenue losses caused by repeated damages or losses in revenue and check for trends in pilots who routinely cause damage to the fleet.  The Loss Prevention Director will report these incidents to the Training Coordinator, who can arrange to provide the appropriate training/retraining.

- The Human Resources Director will handle all pilot applications, research pilot references and verify hours with previous airlines.  The HR director will also oversee the Recruitment and Retention Officer.  The HR Director may assist the Marketing and Advertising Director to develop programs to recruit new pilots.  The HR Director will also accept applications from current members who are applying for other positions within the organization and review them with the Board of Directors.

- The Recruitment and Retention Officer will work closely with the Marketing Director to develop programs to increase the amount of pilot applicants.  The Recruitment and Retention Officer will also do research, polls, surveys, etc., in order to develop programs and incentives that will encourage pilots to stay within our airline, and to keep a low turnover rate.

- The Hub Managers are responsible for any and all activity at their assigned hub as well as the pilots at their respective hub.  Hub Managers are also responsible for the performance of their assigned hub such as revenue, losses/damages, and pilot participation.  Hub Managers are free to develop programs or offer incentives that encourage more participation by the pilots.  Hub Managers will also check and/or adjust the cost of tickets for each flight and ensure that it yields optimal revenue.   Hub Managers will also report any accidents, misconduct, or commendations to the COO.

- The Advertising/Marketing Director will advertise our airline in the flight simulator/virtual airline community.

- The Graphics Designer will provide graphics to any staff members and/or pilots upon request.

- If there is a dispute, the respective hub manager along with the CEO, COO, CFO and Flight Coordinator will act as a five-person Dispute Panel to hear out any issues or complaints and take appropriate action as decided by the panel. 

- In the event that the Loss Prevention Director receives reports of repeated losses due to pilot error, the CFO will notify the Training Coordinator and the Training Coordinator will refer to the appropriate Training Officer(s).  If this step does not alleviate the issue, the Dispute Panel will intervene and take the appropriate actions to correct the situation, including but not limited to, retraining, demotion, discipline and/or dismissal.

* The pilots are the most crucial members of our airline.  The pilots will fly flights that are within the scope of their employment level.  It is the job of the pilots to fly as many hours as possible in order for the airline to function.  It is also the duty of the pilots to exercise caution and to be very careful not to damage aircraft in our fleet.  Each and every pilot is very important and valuable.

To prevent any type of dictatorship, any and all officer positions, including the CEO, can be replaced at any time.  This measure pertains only to the Officers of the Board of Directors.  Any dismissal of other persons from position can be sufficiently handled by the board of directors.

Removal of any officer can be accomplished if needed, provided that the following circumstances are met (interpreted below):
1.    A petition must first be produced on the forum in the form of a poll in a new topic.  It must be voted on by at least 50% of the membership before being presented to the board of directors.  NOTE:  There will be a zero tolerance policy for retaliation against anyone who starts a petition or votes on such petition, guaranteeing their safety from "blowback."
2.    Members voting on the petition must be active within the airline by either:
        a.      Logging at least two flights per month, or;
        b.      Actively performing their assigned duties within the airline.
3.    A majority vote by the board members must take place before any type of discussion takes place.
4.  After a successful majority vote, a discussion will take place and the member being petitioned will be given an opportunity to state their case.  Members of the board will also be given the opportunity to question said member.
5.    After the majority vote and discussion, the member in question will leave the session momentarily, and a super-majority vote of 60% of the board members (with ALL remaining board members present) must be obtained in order to terminate the person or persons who are being petitioned.

The reason the number must be 60% and not 50% is because it follows the rules of our legislative branch of government.  It is in-keeping with the required numbers of a republic, not a democracy.  A republic requires 60% of a vote to impose any new action/law/legislation.  A democracy only requires 50% plus 1.  This rule most closely follows the laws set forth by the United States Constitution, where it takes a 60% vote of the public to impose a levy or new tax, and the legislative process requires passage of a bill or law by 50% in the House and then 60% in the Senate before it can be passed.






The operations manual has been compiled by the staff of Freedom-Air VA as a document to assist in guidance and question answering as it pertains to airline operations.  This document is a living document and is subject to change at any moment.  Changes will be announced in the forums and it is the responsibility of the pilot to check in and keep up to date on policy changes as they happen at Freedom-Air VA.