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Value-based - What does it mean?

Value-based is a phrase that is used a lot around the Freedom office, but it is a concept that may not be readily understood by everyone. The value-based concept has its origins in the United States carrier Southwest, established in 1972 with the aim of offering simple, reliable, low cost travel. They started with a single Boeing 737 and now have a fleet in excess of 250 737's!

Freedom Air's idea of "value-based" is to provide a safe, reliable, no frills air service, offering competitively priced airfares. We give savings to the end user - the traveller, and have worked hard to reduce the cost charged by all our suppliers. An example is that Freedom Air does not provide a meal and has also reduced the cost of travel documentation, by providing ticketless travel - keeping documentation to a minimum and the travel process simple.

By keeping our costs down we can keep prices down, and deliver on our objective to be the best value-for-money airline. Unlike traditional airlines we do not offer mileage points, airport lounges, business class, video or audio entertainment - as again, all of these add costs to the bottom line, which means higher airfares. Our emphasis is on providing a safe, reliable service in the most cost-effective manner. We deliver this in a casual, friendly way - and try to reduce the usual hassles of travel as much as we can.

Our philosophy is to offer everyone the freedom to travel to exciting destinations at a price within their reach, to make travel more affordable for more people. To check out our route guide click here.

While our prices are turning the dream of air travel into reality for thousands of people, it is not at the expense of efficient and friendly service. Our crew are some of the best in the business - trained professionals who understand just how important a friendly, smiling face and a helping hand can be.

Freedom of flight ... yours whenever you choose to take it with Freedom Air. We hope to welcome you aboard very soon.



The Freedom difference - Our People

If you want to reach your highest potential, get your career off to a flying start or simply need to work above cruising altitude, Freedom could be your platform! Our people are the crucial element of Freedom's success as a unique and spirited airline. All our employees reflect the Freedom Spirit and are - fun, energetic, hard working and motivated. You will see that Freedom is a small company with a flat hierarchy and the concept of a "corporate ladder" does not really apply to us. We do not want people who are "in love with the romance of the airline." We want committed, fun and hard working individuals, with a genuine desire to go beyond the call of duty.

You may be surprised at some of the positions we have at Freedom as the roles extend far beyond Cabin Crew and Pilots. You may also be surprised to know that the staff at the airports, who wear our yellow Freedom shirts are contracted staff and are not employed by Freedom Air at all. Each role has its own specific requirements outlined in the position descriptions below.

  •     Reservations
  •     Cabin Crew
  •     Pilots
  •     Other
  •     Current Positions

How can you join the Freedom team? - Recruitment Process

The recruitment procedure involves an advertisement in the NZ Herald and on our website (see current positions). You are then requested to send in your CV. Once all of the CVs have been screened and if you are short-listed you will have an interview with the recruiting manager and Human Resources. If you are short-listed you may be required to undertake some psychometric testing, and upon analysis of this you may be required to come back for a final interview.

Only people with the right to work in New Zealand may apply for vacancies. All positions require you to have, a non-existent criminal record and of course the initiative, drive and motivation that is essential to fit with the Freedom culture!

Reservations - 'The voice of Freedom'

Our passengers will start their Freedom journey with you by calling our 0800 or 1800 numbers. Based in Auckland you are primarily the first contact our passengers have with Freedom so your knowledge, efficiency and friendliness is a key factor in ensuring they do in fact become our customers. Our Reservations Team assists passengers with any queries prior to or throughout their journey.

Freedom's Reservations Centre is open between 0700 - 2300 NZ weekdays and 0800 - 2000 on weekends, 365 days of the year therefore you are required to be available between these times. We will train you in the reservations system and our product, but you will not be remunerated for the duration of your training. Our agents are paid a starting rate of $12.20 per hour. You will be regularly monitored to ensure you meet our service and quality standards so be prepared to receive feedback.

Prerequisites for the role

You must have excellent communication skills, good telephone etiquette and the ability to make decisions under pressure. A strong background in customer service is required and you must be a team player with a great attitude. ATTTO or other travel qualifications are not a pre-requisite - the challenge is to provide exceptional service to our customers throughout your shift.

We are currently not recruiting, however if you would like to register your interest in future Reservations Agent roles you will need to print out and complete an application form. Do not fill this form in online - print it out and follow the instructions on the form.

Click here for the application form.
Click here for a copy of the position description.

Cabin Crew - 'The face of Freedom'

The role requires you to provide exceptional levels of customer service and value to our passengers whilst remaining true to the Freedom spirit of approachable, fun and uncomplicated travel. You must have a genuine commitment to customer service and enjoy working with people. Your primary task however is to ensure the safety of customers and colleagues.

Our Crew are based in both Hamilton and Auckland and they work unsociable hours as Freedom operates 365 days, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You will also have days away from home base as few trips return back to base on the same day. Remuneration? The big question. We pay cabin crew a starting base salary of $22,660 per annum and senior crew $31,415, and both levels receive allowances.

Prerequisites for the role

If you would like to apply for a position you must be a team player, have good communication skills and the ability to make decisions under extreme pressure. Initiative, self control and maturity are essential.

Following is a list of our minimum requirements for junior Cabin Crew:

  •     Must be 20 years of age or over. Hold a current First Aid Certificate or Nursing Qualification. Hold a valid/current New Zealand or Australian passport. Must be residing in New Zealand. Be able to swim 25m. Are between 1.6 - 1.85m tall. Ability to be based in Auckland or Hamilton, New Zealand. Have experience in front-line Customer Service.
  •    Pass medical and security checks.

When we recruit, we advertise in the New Zealand Herald and here on our website.

The Recruitment Process

  •     If you would like to apply for a position you will need to print out and complete the application form below.
  •     Once an application has been received and we've checked that you meet all the basic requirements, you will be phone screened.
  •     If you are successful for the phone screen, you will be invited to attend an interview.

Do not fill this form in online - print it out, follow the instructions on the form.

Please download and complete the application form. Contact details for enquiries are listed on the application form.

Click here for the application form.

Click here for a copy of the position description.

Pilots - 'In the drivers Seat'

Freedom Air Ltd is seeking B737-300 type rated First Officers to operate our services.

Applicants should hold a current NZ CPL or ATPL and be type rated on the B737-300. Applicants should also have the right to work in New Zealand.

Please email your details plus a brief description of your background to pilot.recruitment@airnz.co.nz. In order for your application to be successful, candidates must pass the Air NZ / Freedom pilot selection process.

Freedom Air Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of Air New Zealand Ltd.

Ground Handling

In New Zealand we contract out our ground handling services to Air NZ therefore we don't employee people directly for these roles. In Australia we sub-contract our ground handling services to Jardines in Sydney and Melbourne, Australian Air Support Services in Brisbane, and Oceania Aviation Pty Ltd in Coolangatta. Any interest in ground handling positions should be directed to the relevant contractor.

Other Roles

Like any Company of reasonable size, we also have administration staff, marketing, finance and IT roles. Any vacancies we have are displayed under current positions.

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